The Ideal Academy is the brand new DJ & Producer school aimed at teaching the next generation of superstar artists the key skills that are needed to make it in the World of modern day electronic dance music.

Founded by the team behind the hugely successful Tidy Trax and Ideal label, the Academy aims to teach above and beyond what a standard “DJ school” offers; this could be your route to success as we give you the support, advice and skills to make the record you always dreamed of, get the show you’ve always wanted or plan the marketing campaign to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The Academy will have a friendly relaxed vibe which we find brings out the best in creative people and doesn’t make the whole experience feel like a school or college. All the tutors will be producers who currently work within the music industry and are faces and personalities you may already know. The Ideal Academy is based at the Tidy Studios in Northamptonshire, the heart of the UK.

  • Production Courses
  • Dj Workshops
  • Studio Sessions
  • Media Training


If you want to learn how to produce a record or DJ and perform the way your favourite artists do, then our teachers are who current leading artists within their chosen music industry will show you how. They will teach you the tricks of the trade and give you an insight in to achieving your goals. These courses are group sessions which helps with creativity and learning, with a maximum of 3 people at one time. This will be the fast track and gate way to success.


Ever watched one of your favorite DJ’s perform live and thought “I would love to be able to be like that”? Well now you have the chance to learn how. We have brought together a selection of the industries most talented DJ’s to show you exactly how its’ done. These courses are group sessions which helps with creativity and learning, with a maximum of 4 people at one time. The DJ course are relaxed and fun and as well as being taught the manually skills, you will also be given advice, guidance and top secret tips by industry mentors like the Tidy Boys on how to be one step ahead of the game.


Studio engineering, ghost producing, mix recording, vocal session recording and full mastering services are also available at the Ideal Academy. You can rent the Tidy Studios to work on your own projects or we have in house engineers that can accommodate your needs, whatever they are! If you are interested in any of the above, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Expert advice & tuition from some of the biggest active names from across the many different areas and genres of today’s dance music market, the Academy tutors are all hand picked from the globally successful array of artists and industry experts that work alongside Tidy and it’s associated brands and partners today.

With courses being run by professionals currently working within the music industry, one of the main goals of the Ideal Academy is to find the talent of tomorrow and help them to success. All our tutors are on the look out for anyone with that special spark and talent with the aim of helping as many students as possible becoming internationally recognised artists. If we see talent we can give you that record deal, let you perform at one of our club shows or help you get your music to the right people within the industry through the hundreds of contacts we share at some of the Worlds biggest labels, brands and promotions. 

The Academy launches at the Tidy Studios with an array of taster days catering for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill sets, aimed at giving you an experience from each of the areas we have identified as being key to success in the industry, as well as giving you the chance to get expert advice and tuition from industry professionals to help find your vocation and interests.

So if you want to learn from some of the most established artists in music and gain the extra skills needed to help you make your mark in the global market for electronic dance music, the Ideal Academy could be your short cut to success! .



Production Tutor

Andy Whitby

DJ Tutor

Rob Tissera

Production Tutor

Paul Maddox

Production Tutor

Digital Mafia

Tutor / Record label manager

Ben Stevens

Production Tutor

Max Mozart

Production Tutor


DJ Tutor

Amadeus Mozart

Industry Mentor

Sam Townend / COMING SOON

Event Management Tutor

Kye Shand

Studio Manager / Director and Tutor

Brad Holmes / COMING SOON

Design & Social Media Tutor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Ideal Academy only based in Northampton?

A. Yes, the Ideal Academy is based at the Tidy/Ideal offices at the KG Business centre in Northampton.

Q. How old do I need to be?

A.The Academy is currently open to everyone over the age of 16.

I’m travelling quite a distance to get to the Academy. Can you offer accommodation?

A. No, however we can give you details of cheap local hotels in Northampton, there are lots of options we can offer. Don’t forget Northampton is in the heart of the country with easy access.

Q. I do not drive, how far is the Academy based from public transport?

A. The Academy is based at the Tidy Studios which is in the centre of the UK, Northampton. If your driving we are on the M1,Junction 15 / 15a from the South and junction 16 from the North. Type in NN5 7QS to your Sat Nav. There are great rail links from London (an hour away) Birmingham (an hour away) then just a 5 minute taxi ride from the main bus and train stations.

Q. Do I need any qualifications?

A. No, the Tidy Academy is designed to teach you the skills you need to make it in the dance music industry. You do not need qualifications to become successful in this industry, just talent, eagerness to learn and dedication

Q. Will I gain any qualifications?

A. No, the Ideal Academy is a knowledge and skill based private teaching facility. There are no official qualifications on offer as of yet.

Q.Is there a chance I could get signed from the course?

A. The Ideal Academy is all about finding the stars of tomorrow. We have launched this project specifically to find new and fresh talent. If we think you have what it takes to make the grade, we will be offering support and guidance to help you on your way and if we think you have that extra special something then our doors are open..

Q. What will a days course consist of?

A. A day at the Ideal Academy will feature the specific subject taught by your superstar Tutor, alongside invaluable industry knowledge with Q&A sessions and introductions to the Tidy/Ideal team. You will get your chance to meet the team and see what goes on behind the scenes at Ideal HQ. All courses features an introduction by Amadeus (Tidy Boys) who has been in the music business for over 26 years, he will be giving you an insight into some of the things needed to stand out in a crowd, some expert advice on the music industry, guidance on creative media and marketing as well as lots of tea, coffee, cakes and biscuits.  Everyone who attends an Ideal course will receive a welcome pack of Ideal USB (full our sounds & stuff) a Ideal Academy notebook & pen, plus exclusive Mug and keyring. In addition to this you get the opportunity to buy exclusive Academy t-shirts and hoodies that will make all your Facebook friends very jealous.