Intermediate to Advanced DJ workshop with Andy Whitby – 16th September 2017


Intermediate to Advanced DJ workshop with Andy Whitby

Ever watched one of your favourite DJ’s perform live and thought “I would love to be able to perform like that”? Well now you have the opportunity to learn how too. We have brought together a selection of the music industries most talented DJ’s to show you exactly how they do it. This course is for intermediate to advanced DJs who are looking to refine their skill set and learn those extra special tricks and techniques to really bring their set alive; taught by one of the most technically advanced DJ’s Hard House artists Andy Whitby!


Andy is a multiple time winner of Best DJ, Best Resident and Best Album at the Hard Dance Awards and is also the Hard Dance Music Editor for Mixmag. He’s also had best-selling Ministry of Sound Euphoria albums, sell-out tours of the UK, and all over the world, he has become known for his love of three deck mixing, big vocals and monstrous basslines; ensuring every mix is heavily layered with FX, chops, loops and acapellas.


His pioneer skills really are absolutely amazing and we are thrilled that he is not only prepared, but also massively hyped to be sharing his skills set with you all in the academy DJ courses and creating the next generation of highly skilled artists.


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Course Detail

Weekend DJ’ing days run from 12noon till 6pm.
Weekday DJ’ing days run from 3pm till 10pm

This 7 hour day will aim to cover a selection of the following:

  • An hour introduction with Amadeus Mozart (Tidy Boys)
  • Set building & mix structuring.
  • Knowing your music
  • Rekordbox v’s Rekordbox dj
  • Preparation of material
  • Beat matching
  • Eq’ing
  • Effective use of filtering
  • Mix points
  • Hand placement for optimal performance
  • Chopping tricks
  • Advanced Mixer tricks
  • Advanced CDJ tricks
  • Looping
  • Sampling
  • Mix tools
  • 3rd party effects
  • Mixing mistakes and how to get out of them cleanly
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Promoting yourself

Lessons are taught on the latest kit and are available for all different levels of DJ. Whether you are complete beginner who wants the advantage of learning from a pro, or you are an established DJ looking for some new high-end tricks. Our tutors will tailor the lessons to suite your needs as based upon your request prior to the sessions.

Please note: Not all options available can always be covered within the allotted time; we offer you a wide range of options during your session so that you can pick and choose what you would like to know for a tailored experience.